Dr. Fogg & Sir Daniel presents..

About Sir Daniel


“Sir Daniel” resides in Ormond Beach, Florida. He belongs to TPS where, after the proper amount of begging and bribing, he became an administrator. He started writing song lyrics back in 1985 and dreams of one day ruling the world.. The real genius behind his poetry is a Amazon Parrott named Kiki.. all Daniel has to do is edit out all the cuss words and post it..

If you want the official biography of Sir Daniel, then you have to send him cookies every single day for two years..  but here, for your entertainment, is the unauthorized version..

well, I guess three years is long enough to wait to present a biography..  I was waiting for A&E to show up with their film crew and all but they seem to be more interested in that whacked out crazy neighbor of mine across the street (if you do see his biography, that is me running between the cop cars with a garden rake..  long story) so here it is.. the un-official un-authorized Sir Daniel life story presented with very few interruptions by the Dr. Fogg Whoosh Laxative Company (just think whoosh) and the Stephen King Bedtime Story Foundation (again, just think whoosh..)

Sir Daniel doesn’t remember being born..  So he has to take his Mom’s word for it..  But if it happened, it was sometime in June during the Summer of Love.   Personally, he thinks a stork dropped him by accident at his mom’s house on the way while migrating too sunny California but he can’t prove this theory, yet..  So poor little Daniel grew up in the midwest (that’s west of the mid’s.. for any redneck who may be listening to someone read this too them)   Little Daniel grew up on a farm with cows, cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks and one poor little horse.   He remembers sheep there too but they were baaaad so they had to leave right after he moved in. 

Sir Daniel didn’t start writing till he learned the alphabet.  He did draw a couple crude pictures here and there but the night janitor at the school took them home to study them..   A couple of his early influences were Bram Stroker and that kid in third grade who used to write limericks on the bathroom wall.  

When he was 16, Sir Daniel wound up in Kansas (yes, it really does exist..) living with his sister (she needed a babysitter at the time, so she had her kids watch him while she was out..)  After teaching his nephews all about MTV and how to do the chicken dance without music, Sir Daniel decided it was time to hit the road in search of fame and fortune.    He didn’t find fame or fortune but he did manage to attract the attention of the guys who were working on the road and they made him quit.   So he got mad and he moved to Texas.

Once in Texas, Sir Daniel expected the entire state to break away from the Union and declare him Emperor.   Needless to say, that didn’t happen but many people in Texas did call him names, I just can not repeat them in public however if you message me I will send you a few in private messages (just don’t tell the Administration team..)

It was in Texas, that Sir Daniel learned to type.  His handwriting was so bad even the bank clerks couldn’t make out the notes and started handing him honey in a bank bag..  Sir Daniel’s discovery of poetry was quite by accident, he was reading while driving and had an accident.. 

After he learned there was a group of concerned individuals looking to start a square-dancing class nearby, Sir Daniel fled Texas and wound up where every nutcase goes for vacation..  Florida

Once in Florida Sir Daniel ran for governor but lost it too President Bush’s younger brother Jeb.  Feeling perhaps politics isn’t in his cards, Sir Daniel searched the internet for another interest and happened upon Space Exploration.    Failing to get past security at Nasa with his collection of homemade rockets, Sir Daniel once more went back to the internet and found TPS. 

Since joining TPS, Sir Daniel has bribed and begged his way up to the role as an Administrator.   It is in this role Sir Daniel will start his attempt to take over the world.  You too can help his cause by sending a donation to “the yuck-yuck fund.. p.o box 101, Givememoney, Florida 31313”

Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy day to read this biography.   Guess I should end with some pictures so if you happen to see me on the street, you can give me a ride to where ever I happen to be walking too..








me after a easy day at work







The photograph I sent to “America’s Got Talent” with my tape of me and my bird humming the theme to the movie “The Godfather part Two”.. (still waiting on their reply back.).

me with my partner (he’s the short one.. in case you wondered) doing an advertisement for Mountain Dew in hopes they may give us a contract.   or at least a free soda..





me, back when I first moved to Florida…   thank God I lost that shirt over the years…



Me either reading poetry at an open microphone or singing “Another One Bites The Dust” at a local funeral home.. not sure which..






me, just out of high school, in Texas living in my car.. or in this case, sitting on it. 

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to visit me,

visiting hours are from 8am – 4pm,  monday thru friday..  closed sat. and sunday

†Sir Ðaniel†

  1. Having read your bio. should I ever believe any of your comments on my poetry .
    Great stuff, though. I enjoy a good laugh too. Thanks. Norman T

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