Dr. Fogg & Sir Daniel presents..

About Us Together..

 Dr. Fogg and Sir Daniel have been friends from the first week Dr. Fogg joined ThePoetSanctuary.net.   At the time, Sir Daniel was only a moderator but it didn’t take long for these two to see in each other a simular gift at making other people laugh.

Over the years, Daniel has found himself a guest on “The Atticus Black Show”, a weekly radio talk show hosted on WELE.AM 1380 Daytona that anyone in the world can listen to via their computers at www.news1radio.net.   

Atticus Black and Sir Daniel on June 12 2010 in studio

 Atticus Black first “discovered” Daniel in open microphones around Daytona Beach, Florida in 2008 when he took over the show and offered Daniel a “poets corner” every Saturday.    This led to Daniel being guest on his show a couple times which gave Daniel a chance to introduce Dr. Fogg to the radio staff.   Dr. Fogg was a guest of the show, via telephone, and had a wonderful 20 minutes show early in 2010 and then again in June 2010 when Daniel was once more an hour long guest in the studio.

Together, these two can rule humor and the weekly challenges at TPS.   They are one day shy of being 20 years apart in age and the greatest of friends.   “Lost Words” is their third collaboration attempt, the first being the popular “Harry Potter” series that they ditched in a trash can to later be found by some woman in a coffee shop..  “Who would read this crap?”  Daniel was reported saying as Foggy threw away the manuscript..    Their second effort at writing was the little known “A Paraplegic’s Guide to  Power Tools” which was the second most requested book in prisons worldwide although it never sold very well in stores.

  1. It is about time time a serious blog was established to handle such world altering questions as “Who Let The Dogs out.”

  2. We will get right on it Lady B.. I know Foggy has been pondering that question for a while..

  3. *coughs* “Rule” the weekly challenges? I see I have to win a few more to gain back my crown. En garde!

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