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Will The Real Joker Please Stand Up?

In Daniels articles on July 28, 2012 at 9:52 am

In the comic series “Batman”, creator Bob Crane has tried to balance the good and evil.  Batman represents the good in mankind, Batman doesn’t have superpowers so he has to use his creative imagination (and the endless money flow of his alter ego,Bruce Wayne) to fight injustice.   On the other end of the moral scale, you will find “The Joker”.   He has been Batman’s greatest nemesis from the first ever story.. causing the paralysis of Commissioner Gordon’s wife and the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd.

The Joker has been played on screen by three actors.. Cesar Romero took the role in the television series while in the movies both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have donned the makeup.  After Heath Ledger died, people viewed his portrayal of the Joker as something more somber..

Then came last weeks shootings in a movie-theater in Colorado.  One person dyed their hair orange and opened fire on a crowd of people watching the premier of the latest Batman movie..  According to media reports, when he was arrested the first thing he claimed was “I am the Joker”..

Whenever there is a national tragedy, our country comes together in support for the community, in shock over the crime and in fear there may be someone out there who might copy the crime.

Folks at Pitney Bowes had that fear when one of their employees, Neil Prescott, phoned in a threat that said “I’m a joker, I’m going to load up my guns and blow everybody up”.   Seems Mr. Prescott was only days away from being fired and not happy about it.   When Police arrived at his house, he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Guns Don’t Kill People, I Do!”.  Can you guess what they found in his home?

as you can see in his picture, his arsenal included one assault rifle, two shotguns, nine handguns and three rifles.  Was he serious?  The only law he broke is verbally threatening his co-workers, he shot no body and all of his weapons were legally purchased..  Does not our Constitution give him the right of free speech, that he can threaten anyone, just so he doesn’t act on it?  Before you say “no”, remember that hate groups have this right.

Should we have waited to see if this guy was going to kill someone for real?

Allow me to introduce you to someone else..  His name is Stephen Kennedy.  He was also placed under arrest.

His crime?  Stephen is a student at the University of Kentucky and involved in a discrimination complaint.  He wasn’t very happy with the fact that the Associate Vice President wasn’t returning his phone calls so Stephen e-mailed him a picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker.  That’s all, no death threats, no guns..  just a simple picture of a movie villain.

The college called it a “threat to do the vice president harm”.  Stephen was charged with third-degree terroristic threatening..  Kennedy’s defense?  “The Joker has been my profile photo long before this months shootings, the whole thing is one huge miss-understanding.”

I’m at a loss how we can arrest someone just because they sent someone else a picture, one that everyone has seen millions of times, of a fictonal villain called “The Joker”..

Not to make light of the lives lost, but that was one persons evil rampage.  It has nothing to do with the Joker, Batman or anything beyond one sick person who wanted to make himself famous at the cost of 12 other lives.  The public themselves have spoken by making this new Batman movie one of the biggest selling movies yet this year.  We should embrace these characters because the people who died, in their last minutes..  did.

However, thanks to a couple idiots, it seems the real joke is on us…

~ Daniel


  1. This just goes to show how paranoid people become in the wake of such tragedies. In britain they banned all hand guns after such an incident, everyone had to hand them in, however surprisingly criminals did not.

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