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In Foggy's articles on July 28, 2012 at 9:32 am

Mitt Sparks ‘Romneyshambles’ After ‘Disconcerting’ Comments Made About London’s Olympic Effort.




Mitt Romney manages to insult 60 million Britain’s on a “Good will visit” After insulting our countries preparations for the Olympic Games and then in an attempt to backtrack on his faux pas he told the assembled media men in London that he has spent the afternoon in Downing Streets   “Backside”. Now he may have meant “Back Garden” and be un-aware that backside to us Brits means arse but both these cock-ups are a disturbing indication that this man has the intellectual ability of dear old misunderestimated GW Bush. Perhaps Mr. Romney should examine his own performance regarding his part in organising the 2002 Salt Lake City winter Olympics and the allegations of massive corruption.

Yes WE criticise the Olympic games preparations in London, but it is like a man who insults his wife, saying she is ugly and fat, however if someone else says it, he will  shoot to kill !!!! These minor indiscretions are very worrying when you consider this man intends to become Mr. President. There is no doubt that America has probably the greatest concentration of intelligent people in the world. So why do the republicans continue to select their president from Moonshine country?

May I suggest an alternative?


Homer for President.



Vote for Homer an incredible guy

He’ll cut burger prices in the wink of his eye

He’ll have lots of parades and juggle grenades

And his neighbour will shout hi diddly hi.


Not a hint of corruption

No Olympic disruption.

And he can eat pretzels without even choking

He has an experienced slant in the nuclear plant

(What’s this red button? Hehehee only joking.)


He’ll take on the job

Of presidential slob

And show that he’s willing and able

But you just gotta know he’s gonna say Doh

If the white house hasn’t got cable.



By  Dr. Fogg


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