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Pepsi T-Shirts And Nike Trainers ‘Banned’ From London Olympic Games, Admits Lord Coe

  Just Don’t Do It: Lord Coe says Pepsi and probably Nike will be banned from Olympic park

We have apparently reached a new low in the so called freedom we are all supposed to be so proud of. We are to be told what we may or may not wear when attending the London Olympics. Corporate greed has finally ”come out”  Lord Coe chairman of the London Olympic committee has told the press that spectators attending the games wearing Pepsi T shirts and probably Nike trainers, are to be turned away. He defends this decision on the grounds that Coca Cola and Addidas have spent millions in sponsoring the games.

This then must account for the reason the Americans have sent over 500 security staff (From the land of the free) of their own to the games, they are obviously members of the C.I.A (Coke investigating authorities) and will be covertly mingling with the crowds.  Members of the public found to be wearing non regulation attire will be “removed”. A secret source told Dr Fogg’s Bungle news reporter that a new wing has been built at Guantanamo Bay where offenders will be “Processed” A special version of water boarding is to be used renamed Coke boarding.

Well Mr Coe and Mr Coke can get stuffed; Bungle news has reported that sales of Pepsi T shirts are booming in Britain, it looks like the security staff are going to be busy.

Has it really come to this ?

  1. I’m not sure why something that takes in as much money as the Olympics will, between televison dollars and tickets for seats.. would also need corporate sponserships that require exclusiveness to their product.. I do understand how only one tv channel has the right to broadcast the games, they pay enough money and sell time to advertisers.. but to tell someone what they can or can not wear speaks more about control than competition.

    Love your articles my friend, you don’t do enough of them for me.

    ~ Daniel

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