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What does it take to make a great President?

In Daniels articles on May 16, 2012 at 1:58 am

When I was a child, I remember reading about a man who was captain of a PT boat that was rammed and sank during World War Two, yet this man saved another mans life as he led his crew to safety.  John F Kennedy was destined for the White House and almost 5 years before I was born he was shot to death in Dallas Texas.   John F Kennedy was not raised to be President, his older brother Joseph Jr. had that distinction till his death in the war, but Jack (as his friends called him) met the challenge and gave America hope as it entered into the Space Race.

Jack Kennedy happened to the right man, with the right support, at the right time to bring our Nation together.

United States Presidential history has many such examples..  George Washington was a great military leader when we needed one, Thomas Jefferson had the savvy to help arrange the Louisiana Purchase when this new country needed to expand and Abraham Lincoln is the only man alive in his era who saw the importance of keeping the Union together, in spite of the enemies he made.  Almost 100 years later another man, Dwight D. Eisenhower, the supreme commander of all troops in France, would become President and give America a reputation as “the strongest, most influential, and most productive nation in the world”  Clearly again, he was the right President at the right time.

Today, in our era..  we live in a time when our bills exceed our income.   This being election time, we see Democrats and Republicans battle it out with smear campaigns designed to make it look like there is no honest people left in our Nations capital.   Today, we need a President who understands the economy and has a plan to once again bring jobs to those not working.   The last time we had such a president was in 1932 when Franklin D. Roosevelt took office and ushered in the “New Deal”..

In history, I’ve often heard about the “New Deal” but if you ask me, I couldn’t have told you what it was or how it worked..  so I’ve done the research..

The New Deal created the  Federal Emergency Relief Administration which provided emergency welfare and aid.   This created homeless shelters, soup-kitchens, vaccinations as well as literacy training and free childcare for job seeking parents.   They also put 20 million people back to work in jobs such as repairing public buildings, laying sewer pipes and raking leaves..    Another New Deal agency was the National Recovery Administration which gave us the first ever minimum wages and standard 40 hour work week..   Roosevelt’s plan also created the Civilian Conservation Corps which created 250 thousand jobs in conservation, forestry and land improvement.  They planted more than 3 billion trees, constructed fire towers, built fire roads, fought and prevented wildfires, preserved wildlife habitats, controlled floods and prevented soil erosion.  Much of the CCC work was centered on areas of low population, where there was work to be done yet few people around to do it..   Also created was the Public Works Administration, which later became the Works Progress Administration, which employed 8.5 million people from 1935 to 1943 and built 650 thousand miles of roads, 78 thousand bridges and 125 thousand buildings.   One branch of the PWA was the Arts Program which hired thousands of artists, musicians, actors, photographers and writers to use their talents for public works..  It is due to these artists that we today can see so clearly what life was like in the Great Depression..

The New Deal also gave us the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which guarantees us our account is insured up to $250.000, after having so many banks fail in the Great Depression, who can blame anyone for not trusting them anymore yet banks are important.  It is the bank that will help the dreamer realize their dream.   The New Deal also created the Federal Housing Administration which helps insure enough affordable housing exists for purchase by offering loans to home-building companies, which are the first to suffer in an economic downturn.

Yet another New Deal program was the Securites and Exchange Commission, this requires discloser of a company’s financial information and dealings to investors and because of this law, many millionaires are sitting in jail today for cheating their employees and shareholders out of money.

However, I believe the most important agency created from the New Deal is the Social Security Administration, this agency provides financial assistance for single mothers, a free food program and unemployment insurance, but most famously, they manage a federal pension system for retired people.  Because of them, someone can retire from the workforce and it helps open up their jobs to new workers.

Not all of the New Deal programs worked like planned..  one that failed was the Agricultural Adjustment Administration which paid farmers to grow less crops (in theory, creating a greater demand).  Destroying crops while so many people struggled to put food on the table made this agency very controversial..

However, by 1940 America had eyes toward Europe and the threat of war, with so many men headed overseas, American women learned their skills and our economy had never been better.   After the war, the men returned home and for the next 20 years the term “American Dream” became known the world over.

We were lucky to have Franklin D. Roosevelt as our President, he was the right man at the right time..

Today we face another election..  a candidate who gave us 4 years, one whom many called a “novelty” they expected him to fall apart after one year yet he surprised everyone and even impressed a few.  The other candidate is almost an unknown..  I have myself heard both bad and good stories about him..

It’s not my goal to convince you to support one or the other..  In all honesty, I believe anyone in the White House will fail unless they go in with a plan like Roosevelt did in 1932..  what saddens me, is neither candadate has publically make known such a plan..  However, whoever we call President next year will need our support if such a plan is put into action..  we can’t have our Government spend years fighting over the way this plan is worded, or even who gets what..  we need action! and we need to start turning things around today!

All the Presidents we consider “great” were, in their own time, hated by someone or another.. it’s just politics..  we need to look past the name-calling and pointing of fingers and ask them the real questions..   how can we find jobs?  how can we pay our bills?  what plan do you have so this will happen?

I think if this would happen, we would have a great President in office.

~ Daniel


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