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new, this season … the latest FLORIDA drama

In Daniels articles on March 23, 2012 at 5:38 pm

This spring and summer, catch the latest drama from Florida, the state who gave the media the miss-justice of Casey Anthony with her den of high-profile lawyers, it is an all new drama involving a Hispanic boy who shoots and kills an African American boy who happened to be walking thru an area where he did not live..  yet no arrest has been made, why?

 The police say the evidence (which has NOT been released to the public) shows he acted in self defense..  What has been released?  the 911 phone call made by the shooter who claims he felt threatened by the “boy in a hoodie”..    Yes, only one person that night had a gun and the other had a bag of Skittles but how was either to know that?  The sad truth is guns are real and in the pockets of many people, both young and old.  I have a friend in a wheelchair who keeps a gun hidden and yes, he would shoot you if he felt you might harm him.

Was this a case of racism?  does this Hispanic guy, who has many friends of all races, just hate young African-American guys he doesn’t know who wear hoodies?   or did he honestly feel threatened?  I wasn’t there, and neither were you..   Only one person knows that answer..

The media has stirred the kettle of public opinion, we have begged for the Police to arrest someone without knowing why they didn’t.  We seem to have lost faith in law enforcement..   We now have at least another year of National Enquirer headlines to look forward to..   To quote that little voice in my head..  “Wonderful..”   I bet Casey Anthony would love to give this guy a hug for taking away the “most hated person in Florida” title she has worn for the last two years..

Why don’t we just skip ahead and arrest this guy and give him the chair for murder, who needs a trial?  lets save all the money and time and hours on hours of tv specials.    I know the Constitution says he has rights and all but..  thousands of people say he is guilty and have demanded he be thrown in jail.  Even the police chief felt he needed to step down but not because he didn’t do his job but because, due to the media, his job became a distraction to the case.

I wish people would understand that we don’t get facts from crimes from the news, but from evidence itself.  Evidence MUST be proven beyond a doubt and that is why the girlfriends version of what she heard on her phone (which was not recorded) is only hear-say..   As much as we would like to include it, we need more than her word that it is true to call it a fact.

Along the same line, I have recently heard evidence claiming the reverse..  that the 17 year old kid was a wanna-be gangster who was living with his Dad because he was running with the “wrong crowd” in Miami where his Mom lived..  this “evidence” is also hear-say and should not be considered a fact.

I must tip my hat to the Sanford Police for not bending to public opinion and arresting someone just because the public feels they should.  They know the eyes of the Nation are on them so they have brought in the Federal Government to prove they are doing their job and still..  even with the Feds involved, there is no arrest..  to me, it looks like they must know something about the case that the media doesn’t..

As for us..  one much loved son has died, one family mourns while another family prays that the evidence will prove their loved one would have never pulled the trigger had he not felt threatened..  and we sit on our couches and make judgments based only on what we see on the news or read in the papers..

So here we go again, the same state that gave us “Terri Shrivo’s” right to die (so her husband could live) and Casey Anthony’s right to party days after her baby daughter drowns in a family pool comes the next big drama..  playing out in living-rooms across the country all year long..

stay tuned and lets all hope that it is evidence that convicts or sets free this young man, not the court of public opinion..


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