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The Trouble With Tilikum

In Daniels articles on April 4, 2011 at 9:04 pm

 meet Tilikum,

his name means “friends, relations, tribe, nation, common people”..

Tilikum was born in 1981 and is an entertainer, showing off before thousands every year, however from Feb 2010 till March 2011 Tilikum did not preform at a single show..

why?  he got in a bit of trouble.. he killed someone..

and it’s not the first time he has been involved in someones death either,

back on Feb. 21 1991 Tilikum and two of his friends “roughhoused” someone to death..   Then, on July 06 1999, a man named Daniel Dukes tried to “bite” Tilikum and lost his life as a result..

yet all this time Tilikum kept working.. Then last Feb, 40 year old Dawn Brancheau, in front of witnesses, was dragged to her death by Tilikum.

It seems that the owners of this entertainment complex thought bad publicity from Dawn’s death was hurting business so they did away with Tilikum’s act.. Only for a year.. last week Tilikum came back, preforming to crowds again, doing what he does best.. Entertaining..

 With so many people dead because of Tilikum, to me there seems to be no justice.. Had I killed three people (even accidentally) I’m sure I would be writing this article in a prison library.. Or at the least in a sanitarium..

 The company that runs the entertainment business couldn’t exactly hand Tilikum over to the authorities..  why?  because Tilikum is an Orca Whale.

 So I guess that makes it okay he drowned three people?   This company (SeaWorld) gave him a year off,  lectured him against drowning his trainers,  taught him a couple new tricks and,  now that the bad press has died down, put him back in a small pool so he can entertain tourists and help SeaWorld get more money out of their pockets..

 yes, SeaWorld has made changes with the way Tilikum is trained..  The trainers no longer work closely with him, no trainers are  allowed in the water with him.  High pressure hoses are used to direct the whales, and guardrails and safety nets have also been installed in the pool.  There are even plans to install false-bottom floors that can lift trainers and whales out of the pools in under a minute..

what else could they do?  wait, I have an idea..  RELEASE HIM!!  

He has spent almost 30 years in captivity.. I would say he has paid for his release in the money he generated. 

Come-on SeaWorld, he’s known as a “KILLER WHALE”.. he weighs 12,300 pounds and he is 22 feet long..   Does this sound like something that should be in captivity?  In the ocean, he can feed himself (no reason for any more trainers to die) and you have had him for THIRTY YEARS!!  What does it take for him to earn his freedom?

 My suggestion,  for what it’s worth,  would be to have no whale in captivity longer than 10 years.   They were not created to entertain mankind but as part of the creatures of the sea.   It is a small way for you guys to do the  “right thing”.

 As for the families of the three people who died because of Tilikum, 

I’m very sorry about your loss.  SeaWorld owes you the memories you will never have with your loved ones.  I do hope you win your court case.

 Lastly, to the two dozen or so people in attendance when Dawn Brancheau was pulled under the water and drowned in a show while feeding Tilikum,

 I hope one night you can sleep peacefully again.

~ Daniel

  1. Interesting article Daniel, however I would go further. No whale should ever be in captivity alongside most other wild animals. It is cruel, obscene and simply disgusting. What right do we humans have to deny any wild animal it’s freedom?
    A very thought provoking piece.

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