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A Burning Issue

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Monday 21st February 2011

Price 85p (Ono)

A Burning Issue.


Redditch, Worcestershire, England. Local councillors at Redditch council voted this week to accept a rather unusual energy saving scheme. They are to use the surplus heat from their local crematorium to heat the adjacent Abbey swimming pool. The council claim this will reduce the heating bill for the pool by 30% and makes use of heat which can reach 800 degrees c, which would otherwise be wasted to the atmosphere.

[image] Council leader Carole Gandy: ‘It will make
absolutely no difference to the
people using the crematorium’

Local undertaker Simon Thomas, of Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors, said: “I don’t know how comfortable people would feel about the swimming pool being heated due to the death of a loved one”.

The council also received many E-Mails and letters from concerned members of the public. Many described the whole scheme as being “sick” and some people saying they would not feel comfortable in using this pool ever again. But councillor Gandy stated “This is common practise in many European countries, Germany and Sweden for instance”.
It is true that Germany made huge advances in cremation techniques in the 1940’s

The Bungle News Team fully endorse this forward looking scheme and in fact think the council have not fully considered all the benefits that may accrue. For instance grieving relatives might choose to forgo the tradition post funeral wake, for a dip in a pool heated by their own granny. What a lovely way to feel just that bit closer.

Pool officials could have a sign attributing the days heat to specific individuals.


Local newspapers could advise pool users of the times the pool will be heated with the obituary notices in the paper.
“Tragic rail accident, twenty dead, pool heated next Tuesday.


Fat Jim pops his socks, extra warm pool next Friday.

We must all remember that it is these kinds of innovative schemes that will help us to give global warming a “Bloody nose”

Dr Fogg (For Bungle News) ©2011

  1. now that was “cold”.. I’m hoping that after I die, they build statues and parks in my honor so what happens to my body I guess isn’t so important as people will have a place to go so they can remember what a swell guy I was..

    enjoyed much my friend.

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