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Britain Has Become a “Nanny State”

In Foggy's articles on October 2, 2010 at 7:16 pm


The last government headed by Tony Blair seemed obsessed with protecting people from themselves.  It reached a point where people considered we were living in a “Nanny State”. Along side this a compensation culture has developed where organisations such as schools and hospitals live in fear of being taken to court because they failed to provide a “Duty of care”. The lawyers are having a field day, nightly our televisions are bombarded with advertisements offering to get people compensation for work related accidents or mistakes made by professionals in their line of work.

The adverts go like this, “I was given the wrong type of ladder and it slipped, causing me to fall and injure my arm. Lawyers for us got me £10,000 compensation on a no win no fee basis.”  In my opinion if the guy was given the wrong ladder he shouldn’t have climbed up it Duhhhhhhhhh.

Every one is running scared of being held liable for even the most trivial accident or mistake.

But maybe there is hope for common sense yet. The new coalition government has announced its intention to” roll back the Nanny State”

Speaking to the Daily Mail ahead of a speech to Tory conference in Birmingham, Lord Young said he had uncovered extraordinary examples, including a restaurant that would not give out toothpicks for fear of injury, a head teacher who told pupils not to walk under a conker tree without helmets and a council that banned a pancake race because it was raining.


Danger!!!! Wear your helmet.

. This presumably is to avoid the school being prosecuted for failing to stop the conkers (horse chestnuts) from falling! A bit like king Canute trying to stop the tide coming in.

It was reported in by the BBC today that a north Yorkshire school in Selby has banned children from their playground because of complaints from local residents about the noise!  The school has apparently spent a fortune on sound proof fencing but still fears prosecution under the noise abatement act.

It must be pointed out that the school has been there for many years, long before the complaining residents, one wonders why they purchased a property next to a school in the first place? For me there is no finer sound in the world than children playing.

 Another horrible little snippet that came my way was the poor woman Mrs Mary Wilkins, who had her car stolen. The car was her pride and Joy and she had saved long and hard to purchase it. One day she came out of her house to find it gone.  A month later it was found and the thief was imprisoned. But that is not the end of the story because whilst in the thief’s grubby little hands it developed a gear box problem, he fitted a reconditioned gear box. So at least the lady got a new gear box out of the tragedy, or so you would think. This nasty little toe rag who caused Mary such pain and anguish actually took her to court from his prison cell, demanding his gear box back! The judge ruled in his favour and Mary was ordered to either pay for or return the gear box. In his summing up the Judge explained to sobbing Mary that unfortunately  the law took no account of the previous theft and that clearly the gear box was the villain’s property.

In the field of medicine we have reached a point where surgeons are reluctant to perform certain risky but life saving surgery in case they are unsuccessful and leave themselves open to prosecution. Mind you I expect it won’t be long before someone sues a surgeon for not performing that operation.

So it seems we are gradually going the way of America with lawyers and criminals alike trying to screw every penny out of us. It is to be hoped that this new government of ours is serious about rolling back the “Nanny State” I might even be able to sit in the pub with my beer and light up a cigarette again, or drive without my seat belt should I choose. The point is that life is full of risk and it is up to the individual to decide which risks they choose to take.

Dr Fogg

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  3. Britain has gone down the same road the USA took the day after 9/11.. people were so scared of anything, you could no longer take matches or toe-nail clippers on airplanes.. I know the weapon on 9/11 was boxcutters but gheeze, boxcutters ONLY worked because the people on the planes were caught by surprise and had no idea what the hijackers wanted.. they figured “we will end up in Mexico or somewhere and then this whole thing will be over, why fight back?” and ONCE they did know, they did fight back and that plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. As for the poor lady who had to pay for the car repairs on her car that the thief made.. here in the USA the thief would have been busy trying to get himself out of jail, being paid back for the repairs would have been the last thing on his mind.. yes, our laws are screwed up, but thankfully not that much..

    as far as the school.. what is to stop the neighbors from playing polka songs loudly out the window when recess is going on? make it so the kids don’t want to be outside.. if they won’t do that then they should just move away to an “adult community”..

    Enjoyed this article very much my friend. You’re on your game.

    ~ Daniel

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