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Woman Throws Cat Into Rubbish Bin!

In Foggy's articles on August 27, 2010 at 9:58 pm

 Most of us have heard of this case and seen the video footage of this unbelievably cruel act. No one cares more for animal welfare than I do myself.

 However this case does raise some surprising facts. The woman has hit world headlines, she has had multiple death threats. People have surrounded her house and harassed her in the street and the press has hounded her mercilessly. She has in fact moved out of her house and is in need of police protection. Good job I suspect many of you say, she deserves all she gets.

But on that same day and every other day thousands of young children are victims of horrendous cruelty without so much as a mention in the press or TV. No one begins hate campaigns against the abusers.

Could it really be true that we care more for animals in Britain than we do for our own children?

I have another uneasy feeling about this, watch that video again. Does it seem to you to be just a little contrived?  The way she makes a point of looking around (everywhere that is apart from the huge camera trained on her). I could not even begin to suggest why anyone would want to simulate such an awful act, but as they say   “Theres nowt as queer as folk”.

Dr Fogg

  1. I’ve heard there is a spoof of this on u-tube showing someone dressed up as Selvester the Cat throwing a little old lady in a trash can.. and the sad thing, to me.. is this lady would have gotten away with this attempt at animal abuse had not been for a camera..

    yes.. you have a valid point that this is alot of talk over a cat meanwhile who knows how many children are missing.. but here in America we have something called the “Amber Alert” warning system which reacts in minutes the entire country over.. If a missing child winds up on the Amber Alert, not only is every single news organazation in the USA sending her picture out over the evening news.. but retailers (like where I work) who sell lottery have this girls picture on the front screen of the lottery machine. with updates.. on the highways in the USA, there are messages talking about her and what type car she may have been last seen in.. America is really on the ball with finding these missing kids and quick but it’s unfort. that something bad had to happen to start that.. Her name was Amber Hagerman and she was 9 years old when she went missing.. her killer was never found..

    enjoyed this my friend.

    ~ Daniel

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