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A Historical Cover-up..

In Daniels articles on August 24, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Everyone in the English speaking world has heard the rally cry “Remember the Alamo”..   It’s the great battle for Texas freedom when General Santa Anna and 1500 Mexican troops surrounded a little mission defended by around 250 Texans and friends.   They fought bravely and the only survivor was a horse..  This story is well told by Hollywood and history and the Alamo today is a major tourist attraction that is considered sacred by the people of Texas..

What if I told you about another battle, thirty years later (during the Civil War) that resulted in the slaughter of over 50 percent of the defenders who had already surrendered?

This is a story you won’t read in US history books, visit the battle sight and you won’t see any signs of this injustice and even in the months after the slaughter the men who murdered these people won praise from their leaders.   why?  because the men slaughtered were murdered because they were mostly black.

This is the story of Fort Pillow..

On April 12 1864, Confederate sharpshooters were deployed on the higher ground that overlooked the fort, giving them direct line of fire into the fort.  Seeing how hopeless the situation was, the Union forces holding the fort declared a surrender and threw down their arms and held up their hands expecting to be taken prisoner but instead the order came to show no mercy.   There were some reports that Confederate soldiers buried some wounded Union soldiers alive and crucified others by nailing them into tent frames and then setting the tents on fire.

The Confederate leader, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, bragged to his superiors “The river was dyed with the blood of the slaughtered for 200 yards… I hope this will demonstrate to the Northern people that Negro soldiers cannot cope with Southerners”  His second in command wrote that this “taught the mongrel garrison of blacks and renegades a lesson long to be remembered.”

Not only was the black soldiers murdered, but any whites who surrendered and were found to have commanded them were put to death.  What makes this murder so bad is according to the rules of war a nation goes to war with another nation, not a people.   The point of war is not to eliminate the people- that is genocide, not war.    This means that when an army has eliminated a person as an opponent- by death or by capture- it has accomplished the aim of removing him as a fighting force.   That is why captured soldiers are not killed..

yet at Fort Pillow these rules were violated.  The Confederacy never charged anyone with any wrongdoing and three weeks later, on June 10th, these same Confederate soldiers again shot down African American soldiers who had already surrendered.

Today.. in an effort to “white-wash” the whole massacre.. at Fort Pillow a visitor will be handed a brochure that claims the following..

* After the Confederates successfully assaulted and occupied the main fort, Gen. Forrest lowered the Union flag and ordered all firing stopped.

* Wounded on both sides were treated by Confederate doctors.

* Forrest ordered equipment and firearms be collected, prisoners be secured, threat wounded federals be transferred to first available steamer…

In the gift shop today you can buy souvenirs, flags, and items of clothing, all Confederate.   One T-Shirt pictures Gen. Forrest against a faded Confederate flag with the words, “Keep firing until nothing stands from ground to sky..” at the bottom is the legend “Nathan Bedford Forrest, Ft. Pillow, Tennessee, April 12 1864..”

It’s sad today to see that in t-shirt sales alone, Nathan Forrest shirts sell five times better than Robert E. Lee shirts.    And the people who buy these shirts know exactly what happened at Fort Pillow and may be choosing his likeness precisely because they like his “solution” to the “race problem”..

While the Civil War split the country in two, I have to wonder if we have ever recovered?   We have come a long way with Equal Rights and today we have a black man in the oval office, yet the sad fact is when Obama was elected president more people joined the KKK in higher levels than have been seen since the 1920’s. 

What I wonder is why isn’t Fort Pillow taught in schools?  Why do they go thru such measures to hide the truth to visitors at the Fort today?  The cry “Remember Fort Pillow” one which Americans need to hear so it won’t happen again!   History will repeat itself..    Just ask any Holocaust survivor. 

History is written by the winners..  however Fort Pillow seems to be an exception as the Union forces won the war yet this cover-up still is carried out today.

~ Daniel

  1. A thought provoking article Daniel as you so rightly said History is written by the winners of war. I wonder how our history books would look now if Hitler had won WW2?

    Dr Fogg

  2. This is a wonderful post and may be one that should be followed up to see what happens

    A partner mailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly awaiting your next write. Continue on the quality work.

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