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As many of you know my wife and I run a care home in Devon England. For many years we cared for up to 14 elderly clients suffering dementia. Recently however we have changed to caring for adults with learning difficulties, we have no staff and just two clients. It is rather similar to fostering, they are part of our family. 

I took Mark (Name changed for confidentiality reasons) our new adult placement client fishing last night, he’s 28 and suffers klinefelter syndrome which means he has an extra x chromosome, it gives him a high pitched voice and the mental age of an 8 year old. We were at a remote place called Berry Head, miles from anywhere on a concrete platform which juts out into the sea. It occurred to me, what would happen now if I had a heart attack.

 So I said “Mark, what would you do if I had a heart attack and lay here dying?” he pointed to the only other human for 5 miles, a man fishing off some rocks some way off, “I would get him to help” “Well yes ok, but what if he wasn’t there?” “I would phone the police on your mobile” Good answer Mark, but what would you tell them? I would say “Bills dying” “Ok but could you tell them where we are?” (I had told him a dozen times we were at Berry Head, near Brixham) “Yes I would say we are sea fishing” “Ok Mark that narrows it down to 4000 miles of coast, could you give them more details?” “Yes we are at Torquay” “No Mark we are at Berry Head, remember” “Oh yes Berry Head”.

Five minutes later I tried again. “Where are we Mark”? “Torquay” came the reply “No Berry Head, remember”? “Oh yes Berry Head” “Ok if you can’t remember the name, perhaps you could describe it to them, tell them what you see and they will be able to find us”.

 Now for the readers information we are on a concrete platform, next to the only quarry in the area and at the bottom of some giant cliffs with a huge fort built to fight off Napoleon which has a light house on the top, not hard to pinpoint given that information.

“So Mark” I said” Describe how you would tell the police where we are, tell them what you see” “A star” he said. Sure enough there was a very bright star above us. “Mark it’s the police you will be talking to, not the three bloody wise men!”

On reflection I decided that continuing with this would probably actually give me a heart attack, so we went back to enjoying an evenings fishing. Just once more I asked him “Where are we Mark”? “England” came the reply.


I might just mention that Mark has never been fishing until he came to stay with us, he had a rough life hanging about the streets getting into all sorts of trouble. Other so called friends took advantage of him and led him astray.  He took to fishing with a vengance and is very competitive, the first few times he went he didn’t catch a thing wheras I caught a few each time. I could see he was losing heart and did all I could to help him as did all the local Anglers on our pier. Well he was enjoying it so much he bought his own new rod and reel and we went to the pier to try it out. Within minutes he caught a mackerel but not just a run of the mill mackerel it was a veritable monster! Everyone on the pier came to look, they congratulated him as did I. I have been fishing off that pier for 20 years and never caught nor even seen a fish like that. His smile was worth millions, he even rang my wife to tell her. It is probably the first success he has had in his entire disadvantaged life.

Dr Fogg

  1. what a wonderful feel good story my friend. Mark sounds like he had the most fun and he makes a great fishing buddy. I really enjoyed reading this.

    ~ Daniel

  2. The upside to all this is that I get to go fishing more often, I say to my wife “Mark wants to go fishing today, I would rather stop at home and put those shelves up, but what can you do”? Work has to come before pleasure doesn’t it.

  3. Oh Foggy, how I do love your writes! Your poems too my dear friend! This was great, but I have a question for you dearest. Can you and your wife take care of me? lol! You are a kind, gentle soul and a much loved friend.

  4. This is just like you my friend! Caring so much abut others and then painting a picture with words so that we can care too. And gettin’ a bit of fishing in is good for that heart of yours! Big ole hugs to you.

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