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Children & Drugs

In Daniels articles on August 15, 2010 at 1:27 am

Drugs..  we all know they are illegal, we all know they ruin lives, we all know if we get caught with them then we can go to jail..  yet why do so many young people fall into their spell?  Is the risk worth the temporary “high” they get?   It would seem so..  but today’s blog is NOT to counter act an adults decision to do or not to do drugs, that is something you need to decide on your own..  like religion and your political viewpoint.   however, what we do NOT get to decide is what is good for our children..  meet Rachel Stieringer..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Rachel is only 19 but she has an 11 month year old baby who, like all babies, is curious about what he finds around the house..  One day her baby found his mothers bong..   for those of you who are not “up” on the latest drug paraphernalia, a “bong” has a large tube in which people fill in with some water, a place to put their drugs and a mouthpiece..  It’s pretty much a large pipe..

Micheal Phelps, the American Olympic gold metal winner, was caught smoking one of these last year and lost several endorsments..

Rachel’s baby found his mom’s Bong and proceeded to imitate his mother and pretend to smoke it..  Do you know what Rachel did?  She didn’t take it away from him, instead she took a picture of him pretending to smoke it and sent it to a couple friends..   honest..    how dumb can a Mother be?

  She claims she has NO IDEA how this picture wound up on her facebook page..

regardless.. she was arrested on one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, a first-degree misdemeanor.  The affidavit says Stieringer failed a drug test and had traces of marijuana in her system.  The Department of Children and Families is still investigating Stieringer. 

Stieringer’s mother, Sharalyn Harris, said the picture was a wake up call for her daughter, who is going through drug counseling and parenting classes and says the grandparents are now caring for the baby.

Unfortunately, I know someone else who had something similar happen to her..

She was my ex-girlfriend, Ginger.   the one woman I moved to Florida to live with.  Her Mother and I have stayed friends although Ginger and I have not spoken in 16 years.   Life had spun out of control for Ginger, who I always knew had a serious drug problem as she had to be high or on pills all the time..   To make a long story short, she moved back to Texas and I stayed here and except for phone calls to her Mom, I know nothing about her life..

but I do know Ginger had a child..  his name is Zack.  One day when Zack was five he went to school and the teacher found Gingers marijuana stash in his coat pocket where Ginger had hidden it the day before and forgot..   Zack was taken away from her and thankfully, given to her Mother (who loves her grandson deeply) and Ginger did a couple months in jail.  Now that she is out, she started dating another drug dealer and she had another baby.. this time by him..   Zack still lives with his Grandmother but Ginger has nothing to do with him, she spends all her time spoiling her youngest child instead..   This story is so tragic to me..  and I know it hurts Zack to that his mother doesn’t seem to care enough to come visit him.  

In these two stories, one I personally know and the other I read about on the internet.. it’s the children who are hurt the most. 

So if you MUST do drugs.. that is your choice.   But keep your children away from that part of your life until they are old enough to make the choice if they want drugs in their life too.

just my two cents..

~ Daniel

  1. I am of the opinion that drugs should be legalised. This would in an instant stop the huge drug related crime wave we are experiencing. As for the drug users, well they get them anyway so why not make em legal im sure the government will take a cut in tax revenue.
    As for the serious problem of children and drugs, well its all down to parental responsibility. You wouldnt give your children a can of petrol and a box of matches but we dont ban them do we. As for the so called soft drugs such a cannabis i have yet to hear of a single incident of violence caused through cannabis use, yet in our nearest town on a saturday night its a war zone caused through freely available booze!
    A good thought provoking piece Daniel.

    Dr Fogg

  2. This is very distressing my friend. Sad for the children, but maybe being taken away is really a blessing in disguise here, at least they will have a chance in life.


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