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Hubble Bubble And What?

In Dr. Fogg's poetry on August 14, 2010 at 10:36 pm

“Hubble bubble toil and….
Oh I forget what’s next.”
The old witch is pushed away.
The high priestess most vexed.

“Trouble” the priestess bellows.
The old witch mutters “ I’m 500 years old
And what with Alzheimer’s, the rain,
and this appalling cold.”

“Silence” the priestess barks, “ ill do it!”
“ Is he in heaven or in Hell?”
“No No” the assembled coven shout
“ That’s the pimpernel.”

“Well!” the Priestess shouts,
“Does anyone remember.”?
“By the time we get this done.”
We’ll find it is November!”

Her familiar cat falls of his chair.
Clutching sides in laughter.
The priestesses withering stare.
Bodes ill, for his fish meal after.

“Can we go now” whines one participant.
“Friends is on TV.”
The priestess slumps dejected.
“GO, it’s all the same to me.”

Dr Fogg©

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