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Halfway To Heaven

In Sir Daniels poetry on August 14, 2010 at 6:02 pm


In her dreams she is always with him
Though he has been gone 20 years tomorrow
Her eyes used to sparkle, now they are dim
She drinks each day from a glass of sorrow

She tried to move on but everywhere she turns
She sees people from her life before
If only they knew just how she yearns
To be with her love once more

She never got a chance to say goodbye
That day back in nineteen-eighty seven
She got to the hospital just in time to see him die
He was already half-way to heaven

Year by year has come and gone
She passes her time alone
She keeps no friends, no desire to move on
She never answers her phone

But she went to the library early yesterday
It was something rarely seen
She almost walked by, but something made her stay
And read the computer screen




Someone had left it in a chat-room
And there written for her to see
What must be a joke, she had to assume
For there was no way this could be

My darling Lila, it’s cold outside
But we will be together before tomorrow’s dawn
I wiped your tears when you would cry
Answer me back, Little John

She sat down in the chair and began to type
Without even trying again to understand
A tear would form, but she felt them wiped
As if by an invisible hand

“Ooh John, I’ve missed you so very much
I’ve thought about you every day since then
I cringe at the thought of a strangers touch
I just need to feel you again”

After a moment there appeared
A message like the one before
My darling Lila, what most I’ve feared
Is that you would love me no more

But instead what has happened has broken my heart
When I see the way that you’ve withdrawn
But soon, my love, we no more be apart
Together forever, Little John

What did he mean with what he said?
For a moment her mind drew a blank
Then she remembered he was twenty years dead
And that this was all someones awful prank

“I don’t know who you are or how you know me
Or why you’ve said the things you have said
But I’m leaving now, so if you will excuse me
My Little John’s has been twenty years dead”

The screen went blank, she sat in the chair
Behind the computer booth in the back
When it was closing time they discovered her there
Dead of a heart attack

And there on the screen flashing still
Was a message for someone to stumble upon
My darling Lila, just be still
I’m holding your hand, Little John –

(c) 2007

  1. This poem was written in 2007, the year I joined the PoetSanctuary, as a prompt to “write a poem about a chatroom experience”.. I could picture this lady, so sad, yet walking thru the library (a smaller library than the one I normally used) and seeing the one and only computer booth logged in and a message flashing..

    The “Lila” and “Little John” names just came with the story.. I never have used either before or since. The ending however caught even me by surprise. When you write a story such as this, you don’t worry about the ending till you notice how long it is and then you worry.. I thought, while I was writing this, that Lila would go home and have a dream about Little John and he would claim her in his dream but when it came time to pen the lines I remember I had to take a five minute break and get a drink. It was in that five minutes I came up with the idea of her dying at the library.. It was perfect. The last line, written on the computer screen.. was pure luck as well as I was looking for a way to wrap everything together. However this last stanza does hold a rhyming mistake (and I do make a few..) as I rhymed the word “still” with “sitll”..

    This is one of my favorite recordings I ever recorded on cd. I’m not the biggest fan of my voice but Lila’s story (as I call this) really takes over and suddenly I don’t even notice my voice till it’s over.

    Also.. this is a poem I had a hard time naming. It went it’s first day being called “John’s Last Words” till I found, inside the third stanza, the title I would change it to and keep.

    ~ Daniel

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