Dr. Fogg & Sir Daniel presents..

Beware The Expert.

In Dr. Fogg's poetry on August 14, 2010 at 9:12 pm


The world is full of people,
who tell us what to do.
Who tell us what is best for us,
But I just say screw you.

Hydrogenated fat is good,
Butter makes you ill.
Too much salt will finish you,
Fatty food will kill.

Eating meat is dangerous,
Smoking clogs the veins.
Cream is just a no no,
drink will fry your brain.

But give em just a few more years,
And they will change their view.
Research has shown bla bla bla bla,
But I just say screw you.

Take this global warming,
I don’t give a cuss.
If it gets a little warmer,
I’m not going to fuss.

 I don’t want to grow old,
All wrinkly and wet.
So fatty food and salt and booze,
I’ll take all I can get.


                          Dr Fogg©

  1. If you have any ice-cream left over send it this way.. I stopped trying to live forever when I realized it wasn’t going to happen so today I live for tomorrow.. hopefully next week will happen but I don’t buy lottery tickets early just in case it doesn’t.


    ~ Daniel

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